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Our Family

A family company: our expertise is passed down from generation to generation…

We are vine and wine artisans!

We have been expressing our passion for the Champagne terroir and our creativity in our unique cuvées since 1954. We explore the excellence and aromatic diversity of our wines to create naturally subtle, generous champagnes.

And so, for three generations, every member of the Soutiran family has committed to continuing our traditions and has stayed true to our guiding principle: ‘creating fine wines brimming with emotion and striving for excellence’.

Paying close attention to the quality of our champagne wines, we draw inspiration from the heritage of our grandfather Gérard SOUTIRAN to shape our current work and explore our future.

Gérard’s oldest son Alain SOUTIRAN built on his father’s ambitions in 1969, expanding the vineyards in the Ambonnay terroirs. He began creating new wines revealing the many faces of the Grand Cru appellation.

From 1989 onwards, Soutiran champagnes were exported all over the world thanks to the promotion efforts of Valérie SOUTIRAN, Alain’s oldest daughter. Accompanied by her husband and cellar master Patrick RENAUX since 1999, the pair have been continuing their predecessors’ work by building on 70 years of expertise in family adventures.

An artisan company: exploring and creating as a duo…

We now work as a pair to create every single one of our wines. Nothing is left to chance, from our vines to the process of vinifying and blending our champagne wines.

Our creations reflect our history and convictions, and seek to showcase an exceptional terroir. We produce rare, sophisticated wines.

Our Soutiran Grand Cru champagnes stand out with their spirit, depth and beautiful uniqueness.
Our elegant, charming champagnes are a joy to drink on any occasion. They are designed for both brand-new explorers and the most knowledgeable of connoisseurs.

Valérie x Patrick
Producers of fine champagne wines


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Our Grand Cru Wines

We make our champagnes  in Ambonnay, a Grand Cru village on the hillsides of Montagne de Reims.

Located on the south-eastern slope of Montagne de Reims, Ambonnay is one of the most famous Champagne villages to hold the Grand Cru appellation.

This prestigious distinction was awarded for the quality of its chalky soils and for its sunny aspect, helping our terroir’s two iconic grape varieties to flourish:

Pinot Noir, a naturally powerful grape variety, here offers up the finesse and minerality of chalk.

Chardonnay, originally a lively and taut grape, acquires rounded, deep and generous aromas thanks to its sunny aspect on the southern hillsides.

Champagne Soutiran Nos Vignes
We work with around thirty plots, the majority of which fall within the Ambonnay terroir.

Our vineyard is unique thanks to its hillside location. The structure of the chalky soils and the exposure to the Champagne sun differ enormously from one plot to the next. Vines of varying ages and grape varieties all flourish here at their own pace. We strive to ensure committed, responsible winegrowing, so forego insecticides and weedkillers.

All of this put together is what makes our terroir so varied. The diversity of our plots creates a range of tailored  creations and exponential aromatic potential.


Our Fine Wines

We explore the excellence
and aromatic diversity of wines.

As wine artisans, we put our winemaking expertise to work to create fine champagne wines. The unique nature of our wines comes from their structure.

Our creations can be identified from their depth, density, maturity and salinity. Our elegant, unique wines invite moments to share with friends.

Soutiran - Nos Grands Vins
We take a humble approach to our creations, remaining true to age-old traditions and nature’s signature.

In the world of wine, a champagne blend remains an exceptional piece of expertise and a unique work of art! We firmly believe that a champagne’s complexity stems from the diversity of the wisely blended wines, just as a perfume owes its subtlety to the multitude of
essences that have gone into it.

We therefore explore and develop the aromatic potential of each of our plots through our vinification choices. Wood, stainless steel, fermentation type and maturation all serve to reveal and enrich the range of wines in our vat room.

To ensure that the SOUTIRAN style is preserved over the years, our reserve wines are kept in large containers and blended using a ‘perpetual reserve’ system launched in 2012.

Research, exploration and experimentation form the heart of our philosophy. We are constantly updating our expertise by creating refined wines for your delight.




Work, terroir, time, style…
Our pursuit of quality
ensures excellence

Our freedom of choice allows us to make artisan champagne.

From working our vines to blending our fine wines, all of our choices are guided by our exacting standards and meticulous attention to detail. We listen to our constantly changing terroir, observe, and experiment, in our ongoing pursuit of excellence.


Curious, hedonistic, exacting… Welcome to the heart of our family story.

For three generations, we have held the same passion for wine and sought to preserve the inimitable style of Soutiran Grand Cru champagnes.

Our characterful wines forcefully and authentically express the nature of Ambonnay. These are passionate wines that whisk you away to their world. They are also wines of emotion that subtly unveil their aromatic signature: a footprint, a family, a company, a terroir, a style.

The SOUTIRAN family
Producers of fine champagne wines